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When it comes to matching emergency physicians to jobs, one size definitely does not fit all! Even if their credentials are identical, no two physicians are alike as practitioners or as people. The art of the match is in the details. We generate the kind of information on both sides that leads to a complete win/win for all involved.
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You’re not a square peg and we don’t fill round holes! We don’t try to sell you something until we have a clear picture of what you’re looking for! Our goal is to create professional matches for you that also satisfy the needs and desires of your loved ones. Confidentiality is guaranteed as well as the commitment to deliver an honest, detailed picture of individual client opportunities, and the job market as a whole.


How many ER docs does it take to fill a job ONE!
That’s exactly what you will get from us… that one physician best suited for your opening. We don’t paper you with CVs. We cherry pick from the cream of the crop and introduce only those few that fit your requirements and practice culture, and have strong reasons for locating in your area. Our placements have a high retention rate, most over 5 years.

what’s the bottom line?

We charge a flat fee of $25,000 for a board eligible or certified emergency physician. We also provide you with a full six-month, money-back guarantee!
Fees for Department heads, mid-level providers and Urgent Care physicians vary.

The Chatter

No one understands the world of EM recruiting better than Barb! She knows just about everyone in Emergency Medicine and has seen it all. A true connector, maven, and thought leader in our specialty. Raj Chand, MD, FACEP


A leader in the industry but why she rises above the rest – her integrity.
C Michos


We have worked with Katz and Company for years and have always received excellent candidates and service!
JG Sowards

MD, FACEP, ED Chair, IL,

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